Urban Development Minister vows to keep beauty of Janakpurdham alive

JANAKPURDHAM, July 31: Minister for Urban Development, Prabhu Saha, has called on the Janakpur folks to get united for the development of Janakpurdham, the religious and cultural city in Dhanusha.

The Minister who arrived here today to lay foundation stone for the construction of infrastructure in different lakes and ponds, took the time to urge the locals to work together for the development of their locality.

“The government is committed to keeping the touristic and religious beauty of the city alive,” he added.

The Minister laid the foundation stone for the construction of ghat to the Nochi Thakur Pokhari (pond) based in Devpura Rupaitha in Janakpur. He also laid the foundation stone for the development of ghat and other infrastructure in Maharajsagar pond and Angaraj Sar lake.

On the occasion, coordinator of Youth Campaign for Change formed at the local level, Sushil Karna submitted a memorandum to the Minister.

The demands mentioned in the memorandum include full ban of vehicles except two wheelers in the Janaki Temple area, protection and promotion of Angaraj Sar lake, Telaha and Madaha ponds, development of the city as a religious and touristic site and dismantling of higher structures constructed near the temple.
The memorandum also calls for taking the Janaki Temple into a trust model. RSS