Dr Jha appointed to high post in China’s think tank

Prof Dr Rajiv Kumar Jha

KATHMANDU, Aug 9: Prof Dr Rajiv Kumar Jha has been appointed in a high-level position in China’s a think tank institute of international level.

Jha has been entrusted with the responsibility of coordinator as well as researcher in the Shaanxi Innovative Talent Development Research Institute situated in the Shaanxi Province in China. He will be serving for three years there.

The institute has been formed by the government of China where both Chinese and international intellectuals, scholars as well as retried and sitting high-ranking Chinese officials are involved to assist China’s development by devising policies for economic, social and legal sectors in China as well as offering recommendations.

Among other objectives of the institutions are coordination with the concerned countries endorsing China’s ‘One Belt One Road’ (OBOR) concept and helping China develop and expand its relations and cooperation with international communities among others.

The institute selects talents from different 10 sectors annually under their ‘Hundred Talents’ program. It had also chosen Dr Jha as one of the 100 talents in 2014.

Thirty-eight years old Jha earlier had been working as a professor and researcher in Xian Medical University in Xian city of Shaanxi province. He graduated as a post doctorate scholar from the same university in 2013 with his research on reducing pancreatic cancer cells.

In recognition of Dr Jha’s contribution to medical research in China, the Chinese government too had set up China Nepal Medical Research Centre of Professor Rajiv Kumar Jha after his name in the University of Xian in 2015.

A permanent resident of Prabaha village of Dhansuha district, Dr Jha went to China to study medicine two decades ago. He has worked in various capacities in China’s organizations since his graduation there.

Talking to RSS, Dr Jha admitted, “It is a matter of immense happiness and pride to be appointed in such a prestigious position in a foreign country’s institution.” He claims that his appointment is supposedly the highest appointment of any Nepali in China.

According to him, China has lately attached a high priority on Sino-Nepal relations and his appointment is also one of the reflections of China’s initiative towards this end.

He argued that such gesture would help further consolidate the relations between Nepal and China.

Dr Jha acknowledges that China too has laid great focus on revival of OBOR also known as the maritime Silk Road.

Since the institute would provide development assistance to the countries involved in OBOR including Nepal, he expressed his confidence that his appointment as a coordinator and researcher of the international department in the same institute would play an important part in attracting Chinese investment in Nepal’s agriculture, physical infrastructures and tourism among others sectors. RSS