FSF will emerge as top party in third round polls: Yadav


RAJBIRAJ, Aug 11: Federal Socialist Forum Nepal’s Chairman, Upendra Yadav, has claimed that his party will emerge as the victor in the 3rd phase of local level elections being held in Province no 2 on September 18.

Yadav made the remark during an election training program held in Rajbiraj by Federal Socialist Forum Nepal, Saptari on Thursday.

Stating that Forum Nepal is fighting for securing Madhesi people’s rights, Yadav claimed his party will win in eight districts of Madhes in the backdrop of the belief entrusted by the people in his party.

He also hauled accusation that the ‘centralized state rule and governance system’ has remained elusive to the discriminated lot and the people in the backburner due to which elections held repeatedly have inflicted huge losses on Madhes.

Yadav said his party stands for Madhesi state within Nepal in the wake strengthening forces inclined to disintegration and disruption of communal harmony.

In the programme presided over by Forum Nepal, Saptari’s Chairman, Dinesh Kumar Yadav, Forum Nepal’s Central Chairman Yadav, Central Vice Chair and Tarai Madhes Province Coordinator, Renu Yadav, and another Central Vice Chair, Hem Raj Rai, trained the party cadres. RSS