Bharatpur, Narayangadh declared no-horn zone

Schedule for 'no horn zone' in Pokhara

CHITWAN, Aug 16: The Traffic Police here has decided to implement no-horn zone in Chitwan, thanks to the wise decision that has already helped in fostering traffic discipline in the crowded Kathmandu and Pokhara cities.

As per the August 1 decision of the District Traffic Police Office, Chitwan, drivers are banned from blowing horn in the Bharatpur-based central bus terminal area, Chaubiskothi, Narayangadh bazaar highway, Aptari and the bypass road section except the emergency purpose. The decision comes into effect from tomorrow, Thursday.

Honking horn has been prohibited in the district’s inner traffic routes as well, according to the Office.
A meeting held on August 1 under the chair of Chief District Officer Narayan Prasad Bhatta to seek better ways of traffic management decided to ban horn blowing in Bharatpur and Narayangadh to be effective from August 17.

Following this decision, the office launched the publicity campaign to inform the public.
The traffic police, for the first time, banned horn honking in Kathmandu city since the very first day of New Year 2074 , bearing in mind the increasing noise pollution caused by vehicles and its adverse impact on public health.

Anyone found violating the rule shall be fined Rs 500 first time, which would increase to Rs 1,000 second and Rs 1,500 for the third time. RSS