More than 450 viral fever patients treated in Rukum

RUKUM, Aug 20: The District Public Health Office (DPHO), Rukum has provided necessary healthcare services to more than 450 locals in various places across the district, who were infected with viral fever.

The infection, earlier unidentified, had been plaguing people here in succession, stoking fear among them of the outbreak of an unidentified epidemic. A team of doctors from Kathmandu reached at Khadi in Aathbiskot Municiplaity-3 in the district on last Friday and identified it to be viral fever caused due to consumption of contaminated water and food, according to DPHO, Rukum’s official Nandalal Mahato.

More than 250 infected people in Khadi village alone were treated while the medical team rendered healthcare services to other 200 patients thronging other health institutions seeking medical intervention, shared Mahato. He added that the patients with symptoms as headache, abdominal ache, and vomiting and limb pain among others continue to visit their nearest health institutions. RSS