Bill relating to operation of local levels to be presented to parliament full meeting

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KATHMANDU, Sept 7: A bill relating to the operation of local levels is to be presented in a full meeting of the Legislature-Parliament scheduled for coming Sunday, September 10.

The Legislature-Parliament’s Development Committee informed about this at the parliament meeting today. A sub-panel formed under the Committee concluded the clause-wise deliberations on the bill and submitted its report to the Committee Wednesday. Though the sub-committee has forged consensus on almost all issues, there remain differing views regarding the matter of forming the local levels’ federation.

Three days are given to find an agreement on this matter, according to Committee President Rabindra Adhikari. According to him, the Committee would try to give a final shape to the bill through the consultations with whips and top leaders of major political parties by Sunday. Otherwise, it will be finaliZed through a due process and presented to the September 10 full meeting.

Recently elected local representatives have not found a strong legal based to carry out their duties and responsibilities in the absence of the required law. RSS