Rampant breach of election code of conduct in Mahottari

Province 2

GAUSHALA, Sept 8: Political parties that are vigorously campaigning vying for turning the results of the upcoming local level election in their favor have been found breaching the election code of conduct in Mahottari district.

The third round of local level elections are taking place in eight districts of Province-2 on September 18.

Among the parties that have been accused of breaching the election code are the big national parties – the Nepali Congress, CPN (UML), CPN (Maoist Centre), the Rastriya Prajatantra Party and the Madhes-centric parties as the Rastriya Janata Party (RJP), the Sanghiya Samjwadi Forum and Nepal Loktantrik Forum.

Similarly, the rest of the other parties as well as the independent candidates have also been accused of violating the election code of conduct. Four thousand four hundred and ten candidates in all including independents have filed their candidacy for the 720 posts of the local levels in the district which has 15 local levels comprising 10 municipalities and five rural municipalities.

The political parties and the candidates have been found pasting posters and pamphlets and organizing electoral campaign rallies amidst the blaring of loudspeakers for 24 hours at public places.

The parties and the candidates have not even spared the electric poles, telecom poles and trees along the streets in tucking their parties’ flags and posters. Big hoarding boards and posters are placed at major road intersections.

These parties are also accused of using vehicles and motorcycles in numbers exceeding the number fixed by the election code. Similarly, they have been using banners and posters of bigger in size than permitted by the code for their election campaigns.

They have also mobilized their cadres and supporters wearing T-shirts and vests bearing their parties’ election symbol for the election campaigning. Children are also found used in the election campaign rallies.

Besides this, the voters have accused the candidates of giving false promises and in some cases even distributing money for wooing voters. RSS