NC’s loose performance due to power-centric politics, Dr Mahat admits

Dr Ram Saran Mahat

BHAKTAPUR, Sept 9: Nepali Congress leader Dr Ram Sharan Mahat has said that position of the Nepali Congress (NC) remains poor for giving more attention to money, post, prestige and power instead of embracing the ideals of BP Koirala.

At a programme organized today by NC Madhyapur Thimi Municipal Committee on the occasion of 103rd birth anniversary of BP Koirala, Dr Mahat admitted that NC’s leaders and cadres are concentrated just for post and prestige. “This happens when the government is changed in every six months,” the former finance minister said.

Saying that the upcoming days were not bright for the country if such trends were to continue, Dr Mahat pointed out the need to quit such power-hungry nature. He also expressed concern over the possible misuse of budget in the local levels, stating that the elected representatives have given more emphasis on their wages, allowances and perks.

On the occasion, Dr Mahat said that the NC leaders and cadres should grasp the NC’s norms and values by keeping aside their greed for power and post like that BP and Ganeshman practiCed.

Dr Mahat further said that BP’s ideals should be established in the changed context as well.

NC leaders Binod Kayastha, Durlabh Thapa, Saru Baniya, Jiban Khatri, Narayan Khayamali and others expressed their opinion at the program.