Election program announced for House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly

Election Commission, ballot papers for FPTP election

KATHMANDU, Sept 11: The Election Commission has announced the election program for the election to the House of Representatives and to the Provincial Assembly scheduled for November 21 and December 7 respectively.

Accordingly, the election program for the proportional representation (PR) system of the election begins from September 9 while it begins from October 22 for the first phase of First-Past-the-Post (FPTP) election and from November 2 for the second phase of the FPTP elections.

The parties willing to take part in the PR system of election in the election to the HoR and Provincial Assembly has to file an application at the Commission by September 12, and the commission shall publish the final list of parties taking part in the PR election on September 15 after sharing the initial list on September 13, and giving parties opportunity to withdraw names on September 14.

Likewise, as per the election program, political parties have to submit their closed list of candidates for the PR system by October 15.

The political parties would be informed to correct the closed-list of the candidates on October 16 while the political parties would submit the closed-list of the candidates with amendment on October 23.

Likewise, any candidate enlisted in the close-list should lodge an application on October 30 if s/he wishes to withdraw his or her name while the EC would inform the political parties about the move to withdraw the candidacy of the proportional system on October 31.

The vacant seats lying after the candidacy withdrawal would be fulfilled after the candidate from the same group submits his or her name in the EC on October 31, the EC said. The closed-list of the candidates shall be announced on November 3.

Likewise, the date for claim and protest regarding the candidates’ qualification is fixed for November 4 while the decision on the claim and protest would be made on November 11 of the proportional election system.

The EC said that the notice about the deletion of the candidates’ name from the closed-list would be published on November 18 while the candidates’ final list would be published on November 19.

The first phase of the first past the post electoral system 
For the first phase of the election in the House of Representative and province assembly under the first past the post electoral system to be held on November 26, the EC has fixed the date of October 22 for candidates’ nomination while the candidates would be given the election symbol on October 25.

The second phase of the first past the post electoral system 
The EC has also announced the timetable for nomination fielding on November 2 and providing election symbol on November 5 to the candidates under the first past the post electoral system for the election to be held on December 7 in the second phase. RSS