DoH team reaches Bajura on malaria control mission


BAJURA, Sept 20: A medical team from the centre has reached here in connection with controlling spread of malaria in Kolti area of the district.

Besides studying the situation in the area, the team will also provide treatment services to the patients. Twenty-six malaria cases were found in the various settlements in Kolti area.

The District Public Health Office chief Ramesh Kunwar said the team from the Department of Health (DoH)’s Communicable Diseases and Epidemic Control Section arrived here on Tuesday. The team comprises the vector control inspector and a lab technician.

The team started its work from Tuesday itself after selecting volunteers from seven settlements in Kolti area and imparting them with the method of using mosquito insecticide.

It is said a population of 4048 in Kolti area is at high risk of malaria. RSS