Municipality’s minute book ‘disappears’


MAHOTTARI, Oct 8: A minute book of the Gaushala Municipality has been lost from the municipality office.

Important decisions made by the municipality were documented in the minute book since the municipality’s inception. The minute book has been lost since a month now, the municipality secretariat stated.

It is said the minute book was under the care of Sudip Dahal, the then Ward Secretary at the municipality. But it has ‘disappeared’ from the secretariat immediately after a new municipality executive officer took charge of the office.

The new executive officer Ramji Joshi said important documents as the minute book, check book, vouchers among others were missing from the municipality secretariat while searching for them in course of investigation into the alleged misappropriation of the municipality’s fund.

The investigation was ordered after the news that the then executive officer of the municipality Shambhu Thakur had carried out transactions worth nine million rupees in an arbitrary manner.

Newly-elected mayor Shivanath Mahato said he has ordered an inquiry in this connection and seeking clarification from every employee at the municipality. He also expressed his determination to take stern action against any employee found guilty in this connection.

The minute book contained the municipality’s important decisions taken during the term of the executive officers Radheshyam Giri, Ram Kumar Mahato and Shambhu Thakur, according to a source at the municipality. RSS