Extensive use of lead found in paints sold in Nepal


KATHMANDU, Oct 23: A lab test of samples of paints and surface coats collected from some markets in Kathmandu and western Nepal has found almost 40 per cent with excessive amount of lead in it.

The Public Health and Environment Promotion Centre and Leaders Nepal carried out the test on paints produced by Gaurishanker, Jasmine, Jejis, Apollo, Aarti, G-7, American Paint Industry, Pashupati paints, Asian paints and Nepal paints industry. Government regulations allow only 90 ppp (parts per million) concentration of lead in paints.

The high lead content in paints is reported to have a serious impact on human health, especially on children.

A study carried out in 362 children of Kathmandu and Birgunj found 60 per cent of them carrying high lead content in their blood samples. Speaking at a press meet held on Sunday, Executive Director of the Centre Ramcharitra Shah said the impact of lead on children below five years in Nepal is causing damage worth Rs. 156 billion annually.