Nominations filing for the second phase elections starts

Election Commission, gazetted officials transfer

KATHMANDU, Nov 2: The filing of nomination for the second phase of the elections to the House of Representatives and State Assembly under the first-past-the-post category has started.

The second phase of polls, which is being conducted 128 constituencies of House of Representatives and 256 constituencies of State Assemblies in 45 districts, is scheduled for December 7.

The candidates can get their candidacy registered at the Office of the Chief Returning Officer and the Office of the Returning Officer in their respective electoral constituencies from 10 am to 5 pm today, the Election Commission has stated.

Candidates have reached the office of the chief returning officer and the returning officer since the morning and inquired about the process and the papers required for registering their candidacies. Some of the candidates are learnt to have gone to the offices of the returning officers accompanied procession.

In some constituencies the candidates are in a hurry to collect the necessary papers required for registering the candidacy due to the delay by the major political parties in finalizing their candidates. The Election Commission has urged one and all to make the registration of candidacy encouraging and peaceful.

The candidacy nomination for the first phase of polls (37 House of Representatives constituencies and 74 State Assembly constituencies in the 32 districts) was held on October 22.