Agriculture, tourism, infrastructure development of Kaski NC’s top priority

Gokul Baskota

POKHARA, Nov 6: The Nepali Congress, Kaski has accorded priority to agriculture, tourism, water, and infrastructure development in the district. At a press conference organized in the district on Sunday, candidates for the upcoming House of Representatives and State Assemblies pledged to make the district prosperous through development activities. A NC’s manifesto for Kaski district was also made public at the event.

Conservation of lakes, upgradation and expansion of road networks and construction of bridges are NC’s top priority.

Speaking at the event, Devraj Chalise, NC’s candidate for the House of Representatives from Kaski constituency 2, pledged to use modern technology, and time-relevant thoughts for the development of the district.

Likewise, Shukra Raj Sharma, who is running in the polls from Kaski constituency 3 from NC quota, informed that the NC has a plan to connect Pokhara with Lumbini and Kailash Mansarobar.

Also, Yagya Bahadur Thapa, NC’s candidate for the House of Representatives from Kaski constituency 1, said NC must win for the full enforcement of the new constitution, and flourishing the democracy.

Acting President of the NC, Kaski, Sudip Mohan Bhattarai said that lifting the living standards of the local people is only one aim of the NC, and that employment opportunities would be created by expanding investment. RSS