Triangular competition in Bara Constituency-3

Bara constituency-3, Nepal federal and provincial election 2017, Farmullah Mansoor

KALAIYA, Nov 9: A triangular competition is likely to take place in the election to the House of Representatives in Constituency-3 of Bara district.

Minister for Labor Farmullah Mansoor, also a leader of the Nepali Congress, is in the race under the election to the House of Representatives. His rivals in the upcoming parliamentary election are Federal Socialist Forum Nepal, Bara district chairperson Rambabu Kumar Yadav and Adhyananda Pandey from the leftists’ alliance.

Minister Mansoor is a known leader who has gained popularity for his service to the country and the people. He is also popular as a development loving public figure.

Likewise, Forum Nepal Chairperson Yadav has the craze of a leader for his substantial role in the Terai-Madhes movement which was waged for the rights and welfare of the Madhesi people.

Similarly, alliance candidate Pandey is known to be a simple and disciplined leader.
The three candidates are equally strong in the Constituency-3 of Bara district. There are a total of 84,669 voters in the Constituency-3.  RSS