Use maximum intelligence in voting: Sitaula says

Nepali Congress leader Krishna Prasad Sitaula

JHAPA, Nov 9: Nepali Congress (NC) leader Krishna Prasad Sitaula on Thursday has said that time has come for sovereign Nepali people to use their maximum intelligence while voting in the upcoming House of Representatives and State Assemblies elections.

“In the previous elections, I had asked for votes in exchange for the promises to write the constitution, which I kept. So I hope that the people will make me victorious in these elections too,” he said at a press conference in Bhadrapur, Jhapa on Thursday.

Sitaula is fighting in the House of Representatives polls from Jhapa -3.

Saying his filing candidacy aims to develop the district, he informed that more than Rs 3.5 billion has been released from the state coffer for the infrastructure development of the constituency.

He also urged the locals to make the NC victorious in the constituency for development, and strengthening democracy. RSS