Reconstruction of Ranipokhari resumes after four months

Rani pokhari, reconstruction

KATHMANDU, Nov 9: Reconstruction works of the Ranipokhari has resumed after a hiatus of four months.

Executive Officer at Kathmandu Metropolis, Dhaniram Sharma, directed the construction company to accelerate the reconstruction. As per the agreement, the construction company had to accomplish the first phase of the work within last mid June.

As the time has not been over for the reconstruction, it was yet to be completed. So, the construction company was directed for it, said Sharma.

Director of the company, Worldwide Kandel KNKJ JV, Arjun Kandel however said the reconstruction was delayed all because of the Kathmandu Metropolis.

The Metropolis did not provide the design for the reconstruction. He, however, said the company would accomplish the remaining works within the next three months.
The Department of Archaeology, in Bhadra 2073, had told the company that it would itself construct the Balgopaleshwor Temple though the agreement was made with company.

But the reconstruction of the Temple is still awaited.

Ranipokhari carries a historic significance. It is said in the eighteenth century then King Pratap Malla had constructed the pond to rid his wife off grief for she was aggrieved over the demise of her youngest son. RSS