188 types of election symbols to be used in federal and provincial elections

federal and provincial elections

KATHMANDU, Nov 17: One hundred and eighty eight types of election symbols will feature in the ballot papers to be used for the House of Representatives and State Assembly elections on November 26 and December 7.

Out of the 188 election symbols, 138 will appear in the ballot papers to be used for the first-past-the-post and the proportional representation system in the House of Representatives election while 50 election symbols have been printed in the ballot papers meant for the State Assembly election, section officer at the Law Section of the Election Commission, Dhama Chandra Timalsena said.

In the election to the House of Representatives, 90 types symbols have been allocated to the political parties, 48 types to the independent candidates and 50 symbols to the independent candidates for the State Assembly election.

Ninety political parties registered in the Election Commission have been allocated the same election symbol for the House of Representatives and State Assembly election while the Commission has allocated various separate election symbols to the candidates running as independents in the elections for both legislative bodies.

These election symbols will be featured on four different ballot papers to be used in the twin elections. The Election Commission has printed separate ballot papers with differing election symbols for each province. The election symbols range from the images of various tools to vegetables. RSS