Code of ethics issued to systematize Sauraha’s tourism

Sauraha tourism code of ethics, Sauraha

CHITWAN, Nov 21: Tourism entrepreneurs in Chitwan have issued a 16-point business code of conduct to systematize the tourism of Sauraha.

Control of sound pollution, building of tourism-friendly environment and conservation of flora and fauna have been focused in the code of conduct.

A gathering of tourism entrepreneurs from the district agreed to issue the code of ethics aims to better manage the Sauraha tourism’s business, according to tourism entrepreneur Suman Ghimire. Proprietors of hotels and restaurants have been asked to keep their business open till 11:00 pm in winter and 12:00 midnight in summer.

Likewise, playing of loud music has been prohibited citing that it would cause negative impact on health of wildlife and could disturb them, local and tourism vehicles are banned from blowing horns and tractors and trippers shall be allowed to operate only from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Students on uniform shall not be provided a hotel room until they come with their guardians and wearing of a life jacket while swimming has been made compulsory. Likewise, the use of drone without permission has been prohibited while onwards liquor stores cannot serve their clients in open.

Preparations are on to announce Sauraha a no-horn zone from December 16, according to Regional Restaurant and Bar Association Nepal (REBAN) chair Gokarna Giri. There are a total of 110 hotels and 60 restaurants with well facilities in Saruaha and they have the capacity of accommodating 2,800 people daily.
Sauraha, the eastern gateway to the Chitwan National Park is famous for specially jungle safari and elephant riding. RSS