Home Administration committed to guaranteeing security

Home Ministry. security, federal and parliamentary elections

KATHMANDU, Nov 21: The Ministry of Home has stated that the home administration was committed and ready to guarantee the people’s right to vote in a peaceful and fearless atmosphere.

“The sporadic anti-election incidents taking place in the country will be checked and stringent security ensured to the political parties, candidates, voters, media and the ordinary public,” reads a statement issued by Home Ministry spokesperson Narayan Prasad Sharma Duwadi here today. As always, the local administration is expected to receive necessary support from all in this regard.

The final phase of the security action is taking place for the pre-election period in managing security for the first phase of election and a three tier security arrangement has been made for all the polling centers. Other security personnel have also been mobilized as per the need.

The Home Ministry has been involved in information collection, analysis and exchange, and accordingly implementing precautionary and defensive activities, adds the statement.  RSS