Myagdi voters demand sustainable peace, prosperity

Myagdi 'B', Binod KC, Myagdi

MYAGDI, Nov 27: The local people Myagdi have demanded sustainable peace, stable government, development and prosperity. The first phases of federal and provincial election concluded on Sunday (Nov 26) in 32 districts of hilly and mountainous region including Myagdi district. Myadgi falls in province 4.

The voters, who cast their votes on yesterday, have suggested the political leaders to focus on economic prosperity and development of the district instead of only fighting for power.

The three tiers of election (local level elections have already been conducted) are expected to end the longstanding political instability and political turmoil, and carry out development activities.

“The country has seen many systems of government changed over time. I cast my vote many times. However, there is not any tangible change seen in the lives of people, nor there are development activities,” said 96-year-old Rana Bahadur Subedi, who exercised his franchise from Hamshabahini polling centre in Beni Municipality on November 26 polls.

Now the elected representatives should focus on prosperity and development, he said.

Likewise, another voter Rupa Sapkota asked the people’s representatives to emphasize development.