Yomari, Dhanya Poornima and Udhauli festivals being observed today


KATHMANDU, Dec 3: The Yomari Punhi or Yomari Poornima, Dhanya Poornima and Udhauli festivals are being observed across the country today.

The Yomari Poornima is a festival observed by the Newar community of the Valley and is believed to have started 400 years ago. A special delicacy made of rice flour and molasses called Yomari is the major attraction of this festival.

The day is also observed as the Jyapu Day.

Also today, the hilly people observe the Gaidu pooja by worshipping their ancestors and the sacred cowshed, according to chairperson of the Nepal Calendar Determination Committee Prof Dr Ram Chandra Gautam. This full moon day is also called the Dhanya Poornima.

Coincidently, the day also happens to be the Udhauli festival observed by people from the Kirant community. This festival is observed wishing for a good harvest by worshipping the soil and nature, according to Kirti Kumar Dumi Rai, who has been studying the Kirant culture. People from the Rai, Limbu, Sunuwar and Yakhya ethnicities observe this festival. RSS