Beni Municipality declared literate


MYAGDI, Dec 5: Beni Municipality has been declared as achieving the required literacy amidst a program in Beni on Monday. The program was coordinated by the District Education Office and organized by the Municipality Office.

It was announced on the occasion that 96.82 per cent of the municipality denizens were literate. The Ministry of Education has the policy of declaring the Local Level Ward, the local level and district as literate ward, local level or district if 95 per cent of the denizens between 15 to 60 years of age there can write and recognize digits and letters. There are 10 wards in Beni municipality.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief of the District Coordination Committee, Devendra KC stressed on effective implementation of the declaration and making the remaining population literate through various programs to achieve cent per cent literacy.

District Education Officer Ram Kumar Shrestha said out of the 45 total wards in the district, 35 have been declared as achieving literacy. He said the district would be declared as literate district on February 22, 2018. RSS