Santras: A psychological depiction of post-quake scenario



KATHMANDU, Dec 21: ‘Santras’ is a contemporary novel based on a true story of ‘Ruku’, a 24-year-old woman fighting against post traumatic stress disorder syndrome, who endures many struggles, injustices and sufferings in her life.

Written in a cinematic style, the novel ‘Santras’ basically bases its plot around the contemporary patriarchal society, devastating 2015 April earthquake, post-quake scenario and depression and protagonist Ruku’s life story.

Known for organized and improved style of writing, Novelist Radhe Shyam Dhakal has given superior academic justice while mixing up fictional tastes to the plot.

To make the novel livelier, the novelist has also used the real interviews and dialogues from the real life ‘Ruku’, who has collected courage to counter the social evils of the modern society and post-quake Nepal; and it won’t be exaggerating to say that the novelist Dhakal seems microscopically familiar with the protagonist and her circumstances and her psychological state.

It’s the second novel from Dhakal–who has already published experimental ‘Sahurai’, an experimental novel– can be expected to come up with a new novel soon as he is currently busy writing his next novel ‘Mayu’.

Graduated in ‘Direction’ from Oscar International College, Dhakal says after ‘Mayu’, he intends to produce movies in near future.