Govt prepares draft of provincial organizational structure

provincial organizational structure

KATHMANDU, Dec 25: The government has drawn up a draft of organisational structure under the provincial government.
According to the new sketch, each provincial ministry will have minimum 35 civil servants and 90 in maximum.

“A proposal has been forwarded with recommendation of appointing 35 to 90 government employees in a provincial ministry by its work nature,” said Spokesperson for the Ministry of General Administration Shiva Ram Neupane.

“The government employees will be internally appointed on temporary basis since the Civil Servants Adjustment Regulation is yet to be introduced,” he said.

A secretary level civil servant will be appointed at the provincial council of ministers, while a gazetted first class employee equal to a joint secretary will be assigned to look after a provincial ministry.

At provincial level, the government has allocated ministries of economic development, agriculture, cooperative and land management, home, infrastructural development, forest, science and environment, and education, health and social development.

A province council of ministers will also be formed.