Pashupatinath area declared vehicle-free zone


KATHMANDU, Dec 26: After, Thamel area, Pashupatinath temple premises — one of the major religious hub — has been made vehicle-free zone. The new rule has been put into place effective from Tuesday, according to Metropolitan Traffic Police Division. Thamel was declared vehicular-free zone on October 22.

“The vehicles are being restricted in the Pashupatinath premises in order to facilitate the tourists and devotees who come to visit the world heritage site,” said DSP Mukunda Marasaini.

Until Tuesday, cars and motorcycles could be driven all the way to the western and southern gates of the temple.

However, emergency vehicles such as ambulances and funeral vans will be allowed to enter the Pashupatinath area. Likewise, locals and residents of the surrounding area will be provided special pass to enter the area.

According to Marasaini, parking areas will be managed in Bankali and Umakunda.