Ishwor Pokhrel prime minister; Madhav Nepal party chair, suggests Yogesh Bhattarai


KATHMADNU, Jan 1: CPN-UML Secretary Yogesh Bhattarai on Monday has suggested a new alternative for the united entity of the left alliance.

A day after he remarked that UML Chair KP Oli and CPN (Maoist Center) Chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal should give up active politics on the day the two parties unite, he has suggested that both Oli and Dahal should play guardianship role and pave way for the youth leaders to lead the government.

Bhattarai on Sunday even advised Oli and Dahal to go lecture in peace process in international universities after retiring from active politics.

“Party’s leadership role should be handed to Madhav Kumar Nepal and General Secretary Ishwor Pokhrel should be given opportunity to lead the government,” suggested Bhattarai.

Sources claimed that informal discussions with top leaders regarding the proposal have already been started.

Unity process between the two largest parties has become more skeptical as both parties haven’t been able to summon the party unity coordination committee meeting till the day. And, Bhattarai’s proposition is obviously adding more fuel to the growing mistrust between UML and Maoist Center.

Top leaders of both parties have said that they have intensified the efforts on unification before the formation of new government. Although leaders of both parties have agreed to make Oli as the new prime minister of the new government, second-rung leaders of UML, especially, find it difficult to accept Dahal as the Chair of the new party.

Bhattarai, however, added that there is no doubt regarding the unification between the two left alliance constituents.