Students’ Unions submit memo to CEC Yadav demanding to make PR poll result public


KATHMANDU, Jan 1: The Joint Student and Youth Organization on Monday has submitted a memorandum to Chief Election Commissioner Dr Ayodhee Prasad Yadav, demanding to make the result of proportional election public and submit it to the President.

Student leaders of All Nepal National Free Students Union, All Nepal National Independent Students Union, Young Communist League and Youth Association Nepal submitted the memo to CEC Yadav.

The memo calls for releasing the results soon as attempts were made to split the left alliance, to push the country towards instability and not to allow left alliance to form a new government.

Receiving the memo, CEC Yadav accepted that the results have been delayed due to some constitutional and legal complexities, and added that they have failed to carry out activities on the stipulated date due to the provision of guaranteeing 33 percent representation of women by the parties.

He informed that the EC would write a letter to political parties to make amendment in the names as there is a provision that independent party can participate in the National Assembly election. CEC Yadav further said that the EC would submit the result to the President after completing all legal processes. RSS