Constitution becoming obstacle for formation of new government: Chair Yadav

RAJBIRAJ, Jan 5: Federal Socialist Forum Nepal Chairman Upendra Yadav has said that the constitution imposed upon by the major three political parties has now become obstacle in formation of new government.

During the meeting with party cadres at Rajbiraj on Friday, Chairman Yadav said that the country can get an outlet only after amendment to constitution as it has many constitutional complexities.

He blamed that the problem has surfaced due to the forcibly promulgated constitution.

Chairman Yadav argued that it has been delayed to form new government due to some weaknesses in the constitution.

The Forum Chairman said that leaders of major three parties have been accepting the mistake in the constitution after constitutional obstacle was seen in formation of new government. He, however, said that constitution amendment is only the alternative for political stability in the country.

Chairman Yadav said, “Constitution amendment is indispensable as people of province no 2 have already expressed through election that the constitution has some mistakes.” RSS