Call to declare 2075 BS as Year of Sanitation


KATHMANDU, Jan 12: Sanitation and Cleanliness campaigner Khem Sharma has called for declaring 2075 BS as the year of Sanitation to make Nepal clean and pollution free.

Organizing a press meet at the Reporters’ Club Nepal on Friday, Sharma highlighted the necessity of initiating serious steps to control the increasing pollution in the country and appealed for declaring 2075 BS as the Year of Sanitation.

“The goal of the ‘2075 BS Year of Sanitation’ will be making the country completely clean and pollution free within a year,” added Sharma.

“If each and every person, from public to government, join hands together in this campaign, we will be successful in this mission—to make our country clean again,” he furthered.

Sharma furthered that he has been holding discussions with various organizations and authorities including Hotel Association Nepal regarding the matter.

“I have been spending about 10 days in Nepal every two months so that I could make necessary preparations to materialize this campaign,” said Sharma who has been residing in Australia.

“We have a team in Nepal who has been launching various cleaning programs.”

“We completely cleaned Airport in a period of one month. Likewise, we made Tourism Board clean within ten days. We also organized cleaning campaign in Pashupatinath Temple premises.”

“If everyone from schooling children to political leaders, realizing the responsibility of cleaning the surrounding, join us, it won’t be difficult for us to make Nepal clean within a year,” he added.