Sajha Yatayat expanding its services

Sajha Yatayat

LALITPUR, Feb 1: The Sajha Yatayat is adding 29 buses to its fleet. The public transport company is bringing this number of buses for operation on new routes in the Kathmandu Valley and other destinations outside the Valley.

Acting chief executive Officer of Sajha Yatayat, Mahendra Raj Pandey said that among the new additions is a disable-friendly bus. He said the disable-friendly bus and a deluxe bus is in the process of being imported while the tender process has been concluded for bringing a city bus.

Pandey said the deluxe bus will be operated outside the Valley while the city bus would be run on routes as per the requirement and demand.

Sajha is operating two buses on Kathmandu-Baglung route at present outside the Valley.

According to CEO Pandey, demand has been received for operating the city bus within the Kathmandu Valley from many places. He added that the new municipalities have also shown interest in buying Sjha’s shares and operation of the Sajha bus service.

The Sajha Yatayat’s current fleet comprises 46 buses. Forty-four of these buses operate in the Kathmandu Valley. RSS