NA election result of Province 7 out

National Assembly election

DHANGADHI, Feb 7: CPN-UML candidate Chakra Prasad Snehi and CPN (Maoist Center)’s Mahesh Kumar Mahara have been elected to the National Assembly (NA) election.

According to election officer, Jayananda Paneru, UML’s Snehi (under the Dalit category) received 122 votes from the local representatives, while 39 from provincial representatives. His rival from Nepali Congress Sheriram Parki got 73 votes from the local representatives and 12 from provincial representatives.

Similarly, under the minority and disabled category, MC’s candidate Mahara won the election by securing 122 votes from local representatives and 39 from provincial representatives, while his rival from NC Chhatra Raj Joshi got 74 votes from local representatives and 12 from provincial representatives.

One vote from among the local representatives was invalid in the election.

Though eight candidates were elected from each province to the NA election, UML’s Sher Bahadur Kunwar, NC’s Badri Pande and MC’s Hariram Chaudhary had already been elected unopposed.

Similarly, UML’s Indu Kadariya and Kamala Kumari Oli and NC’s Taradevi Bhatta were elected unopposed under the women category.

Of total 229 voters, only 227 had cast votes in the election. RSS