EU EOM’s report is direct intervention in Nepal’s sovereignty: Gachchhadar


BIRATNAGAR, March 28: Nepali Congress leader Bijay Kumar Gachchhadar has said that the final report of the European Union Election Observation Mission to Nepal was direct intervention in Nepal’s sovereignty.

Talking to media-persons at Biratnagar Airport on Wednesday, he termed EU’s remark in relation to elections held recently in Nepal something that crosses its limit.

Leader Gachchhadar clarified that the constitution promulgated through the Constituent Assembly has no reservations for any particular groups and communities, adding that seats for the elections to House of Representatives, National Assembly and Provincial Assembly were allocated on the basis of population.

Also the deputy-leader of Nepali Congress Parliamentary Party, Gachchhadar, said that it was not right time to criticize the incumbent government as it was yet to complete its 100 days. RSS