Unification between communist parties also a message for democratic parties


Basu Dev Poudel 

POKHARA, May 18: The unification between CPN -UML and CPN (Maoist Center) have been lauded as heralding a new message for the democratic parties.

The individuals from different quarters of the society have called the unification a significant step forward for Nepal’s political stability and development.

Former Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) Ananda Raj Mulmi – who believes that high number of political parties has a direct impact on Nepal’s political stability and prosperity – termed the unification between UML and the Maoist Center a positive step.

“It is mandatory that political parties with similar views and beliefs must become one for political stability,” Mulmi argued and added further, “In a developing country of the likes of Nepal, if only two major parties were to exist, it could propel the pace of development.”

Stating that unification between the two parties was a suitable message for democratic parties, Mulmi added that the parties sharing similar views and ideologies must unite for nation’s interest.

Leftist leader Somnath Adhikari Pyasi termed the parties’ unification – coming at a time when the country has been straggling behind due to long-running political instability – as an important and historic moment.

“This unity is not simple, it is a necessity for the country and the people” he said, adding, “With the unity, it will move forward as an accountable force for nation’s prosperity and development.”

Professor Dr Giridhari Dahal opined that the increasing number of political parties following the reinstatement of democracy in 1989 has made a continuous impact Nepal’s overall politics and development process.

“It is an extremely happy moment for the Nepali people and the nation that two major leftist forces have united,” he said and added, “This unity is people’s voice, an important beginning for stability of country’s politics and development.”

Intellectual Jhalakpani Tiwari underlined the unity between UML and Maoist Center as having a lasting impact on country’s overall prosperity and development. “This will have a special influence in country’s political stability and positive activities.” “This is not just the necessity among the parties but a necessity for the nation and the people,” he added.

He was of the belief that the unification would play a crucial role in advancing the overall process of the socialist revolution.