Number of wild buffaloes reaches 441 in Koshi Tappu reserve

Wild buffalo

INARUWA, May 21: The number of wild buffaloes in Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve, considered a famous habitat for this animal, has increased.

The reserve office gave out this information organizing a press conference at its office in Paschim Kusaha, Sunsari district on Sunday.

The office stated that the number of wild buffaloes in the reserve has reached 441 as per a census conducted a month back.

The office said there are 38 one-year-old calves, 40 two-year-old calves, 35 adolescent, 191 adult female wild buffaloes and 137 adult male wild buffaloes inhabiting the reserve.

It also stated that 83 per cent of the wild buffaloes were living around areas in the east embankment region of the Koshi river while 17 per cent were found living around areas to the west of the Koshi river embankment, Information Officer at the reserve office, Ganesh Prasad Tiwari, said.

Tiwari said, the number of wild buffaloes in the reserve was only 33 in 2032 BS and it has now reached 441. The wild buffaloes are found only in five countries in the world. The wild buffalo population in the reserve was 432 as per a census carried out two years back. RSS