Instruction for probe if Narayangadh – Muglin road construction stretches on


CHITWAN, May 22: Minister for Home Affairs, Ram Bahadur Thapa, on Monday said he has given instructions to launch investigation if the construction of the Narayangadh – Muglin road stretch does not complete on scheduled time.

The chopper transporting the minister towards Surkhet for Karnali Province’s security seminar diverted to Chitwan due to adverse weather conditions. After arriving in Chitwan, Minister Thapa spoke with the representatives of the security organs of the district.

Home Minister Thapa said investigations will be held before extension of the construction term or slapping fine.

The route’s construction term has already been extended for four times. The latest term will end on May 30 with 88.14 per cent of the overall work completed.

Thapa also inquired into the losses incurred by farmers in hailstorm and bird flu menace which was recently recorded in Chitwan.

The Minister also made an inquiry into the activities of Biplov – led group as well as impact of the removal of the transport syndicate system and contractors that do not complete work on time. The Home Minister’s entourage headed for Surkhet two hours after the weather cleared. RSS