Gore’s hearing ongoing


BIRATNAGAR, May 25: Chudamani Upreti aka Gore, the main accused in 33.5 kg gold smuggling case has denied his involvement in the murder of Sanam Shakya, the alleged gold career who was electrocuted to death.

The District Court, Morang, started recording Upreti’s statements on Wednesday. The court would take few more days to record his complete statement.

Upreti told Judge Narayan Prasad Sharma that he had only beaten Shakya, but had no role in his murder.

A special probe team, led by home ministry Joint Secretary Ishwor Paudel arrested Upreti from Gaurighat Kathmandu and was made public by the police on Tuesday. He was later brought to Biratnagar and presented to the court.

The alleged mastermind has provided 16 pages of statement, according to reports.

On Wednesday, he said that he was feeling insecure in the police custody and demanded vigilance from human rights activists in the custody.

As cases against 63 persons have been lodged on smuggling of gold, organized crime and murder, 28 persons have been remanded to custody on 22 May. Likewise, 32 others are still at large after the arrest of Gore.