Province 3 government still needs around 100 laws for full operation

Province 4

NUWAKOT, May 6: The government in Province 3 needs around 100 more laws for the operation.

According to Secretary at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law, Baldev Joshi, who arrived here in course of the formulation of budge for the upcoming fiscal and collecting submissions in this regard, so far only four laws have been formulated for the operation of province governments and still around 100 laws are required to run them in a full-fledged manner. The province comprises 13 districts including Nuwakot and three districts in the Kathmandu Valley.

He said that lack of required laws, human resources and physical infrastructure had prevented the province government from working efficiently. As he stated, public documents authentication act and fiscal working procedure act have been already issued in the national gazette on behalf of the Province 3 government.

The act relating the operation of rural municipality, municipality and district assembly and facilities of local-level office bearers certified by the province government is in the process of publication in the gazette, he added. RSS