Mixed reactions on budget continues


KATHMANDU, June 3: Lawmakers taking part in general discussions on the budget in a meeting of the House of Representatives Sunday gave their mixed views. Lawmakers from the ruling parties defended the budget that was unveiled by the government on May 29 and stressed on its implementation while those from opposition parties commented it beyond the realities.

Lawmakers from the ruling parties called the budget effective, practical, objective and based on realities.

Prabhu Shah defending the budget urged the government came up with a special package to ease livelihood of the families of martyrs. The view of Bhanu Bhakta Dhakal was that the new budget was alike the past and was focused on realities. Hit Bahadur Tamang, Pushpa Kumari Karna Kayastha Binda Pandey and Rameshwor Ray Yadav are among those lawmakers supporting the budget.

Prakashman Singh of Nepali Congress calling the budget a ‘bag of pessimism ‘ accused the government of controlling over private sector in the country which has adopted open economic policy.

Sujata Koirala claimed that local levels won by the Nepali Congress in the local elections had been allocated less budget. Dr Narayan Khadka termed it ‘ just a focal lens’ questioning about the base for achieving the target of an eight percent economic growth rate.

Ekwal Miya described it as an imbalanced while Sarita Giri called it centralized and against distribution of social justice.

Raj Kishore Yadav said the slogan for ‘prosperous Nepali and happy Nepali’ was presented in the budget as an advertisement. He accused the government of failing to maintain balance among the local, province and federal governments while allocating the budget. “The budget hurts the sentiments of federalism.”
Umashankar Aragariya and Rajendra Ligden also criticized the budget. RSS