World Refugee Day being marked today celebrating the refugee spirit


KATHMANDU, June 20: The World Refugee Day 2018 is being marked in the country on Wednesday, celebrating the refugee spirit.

Every two seconds, one person was forced to flee their homes due to persecution, human rights violations and war in 2017. The numbers of forced displacement represent countless stories of human suffering and loss, but also the courage and resilience of tens of millions of refugees who have overcome adversity and now contribute to the nations which gave them asylum. It is in this spirit that the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), its partners and the people of Nepal across the country are celebrating World Refugee Day by standing together with refugees, UNHCR stated in a press release on Wednesday.

“Solving refugee problem needs a collective effort. The Government and the people of Nepal have shown tremendous generosity, compassion and solidarity in hosting refugees for decades,” said Bushra Halepota, UNHCR Representative in Nepal.

To celebrate the life of refugees and express solidarity with them, the historic public monuments of Ghantaghar (the Clock Tower) in Kathmandu will be illuminated in blue for two days from June 19 -20.

Nepal exemplifies shared responsibilities in finding solutions for refugees with almost 115,000 refugees from Bhutan resettled in other countries, thanks to the substantial support from the Government of Nepal and the international community.

Those refugees who remain, continue to contribute to Nepalese society and further enrich the cultural, social and economic fabric of the country.

In Damak, Bhutanese refugees and local residents stood together on World Refugee Day celebrating the solidarity and shared bonds they have developed over the past two decades. On the occasion, refugees and local youths held a friendly football match and showcased their talents and skills in various spheres including handicrafts, cultural dances and art, the press release further reads.

In the spirit of “Leaving No One Behind” local authorities, refugee leaders and members of civil society participated in the program, honoring the richness and diversity refugees bring to society, whilst sharing their hopes and aspirations for a better future for all. RSS