NC welcomes agreement between Govt and Dr KC

Gokul Baskota

KATHMANDU, July 28: Main opposition Nepali Congress has welcomed that agreement reached between the government and the agitating Dr Govoinda KC on the reform of medical education.

Organizing a press conference at party central office in Lalitpur on Friday, Spokesperson of the party, Bishwo Prakash Sharma, said the true implementation of the agreement between the government and Dr KC would be a significant contribution to the reform in Nepal’s medical education.

He further argued that it was a welcome step the agreement acknowledged the ordinance the NC-led government had brought earlier which does not allow the establishment of new medical colleges in the Kathmandu Valley for ten years, restrict a university to provide affiliation to no more than five colleges and provide 75 percent scholarship to students in the bachelor level program.

According to the Spokesperson, both the ruling parties and the opposition need to be serious and responsible to make this fast-unto-death of Dr KC the last one.

He also informed that with the confidence of the honest implementation of the agreement, the notice the NC had issued in protest of the medical education bill brought by this government was withdrawn from the parliament. RSS