Indian Embassy Camp Office in Biratnagar shut down


KATHMANDU, Aug 1: The Embassy of India Camp Office in Biratnagar has been closed with effect from today.

Accordingly, all services including issuing of motor vehicle permits, registration certificates for Indian nationals, attestation of documents and miscellaneous services(birth/death registrations) being rendered by the Office will cease with effect from 1st August, 2018, it is stated in a press release issued by the Embassy today.

The Embassy has also urged all concerned to contact the Embassy of India in Kathmandu for any services hitherto being rendered by the Biratnagar Camp Office. The Office has been closed as per the decision reached on the same during the Indian Prime Minister’s last visit to Nepal.

The Office had been set up in order to facilitate transportation service via the Indian territory to Nepal after the Koshi dam broke off to wash away motorable roads in Nepal in September 2008. RSS