Special campaign needed to end dowry system

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LAHAN, Aug 4: Speakers at a program have underscored the need of launching special campaign to end dowry which has afflicted the Tarai/Madhes people, especially the women.

At the program organized by the Holistic Development Service Centre, Saptari, on Saturday they said the traditional thoughts and showy culture has fueled the dowry system. This social ill has also caused death of women, they argued.

Province No 2 lawmaker Rubi Karna shared the harrowing reality that even the so-called educated families were more obsessed with the system than the poor ones. So, the government itself should launch the special campaign to minimize this social ill.

She further argued that patriarchy was another solid reason behind growing violence against women linking to dowry. Lawmaker Karna shared that the State Assembly of Province 2 has begun formulating laws for women.

Kanchanpur Municipality Mayor Basanta Mishra viewed that even the local levels would emerge tough against the dowry system which has hit hard the women.

Other speakers including police inspector Ramesh Dahal said it was quite abhorring that women were facing family disputes merely because of the dowry system. RSS