Criminal Codes come into effect today


KATHMANDU, Aug 17:  In line with the new Constitution, the Criminal Code has come into effect from today.

The Criminal Code is one among five laws replacing the Civil Code of 2020 BS.
Criminal offense, criminal offense procedure, its implementation have been included under the Criminal Code.

According to senior advocate Bijay Kant Mainali, the new Criminal Code is based on the international criminal justice. Although there is no provision of death sentence, it was appropriate to increase punishments, he viewed.

“It’s a good law but implementation matters. Whether traditional or modern approaches are adopted in its implementation is key,” he underscored.

Similarly, another senior advocate Meera Dhungana observed, “there are various reforms compared to the 2020 Civil Code. It is right to have life imprisonment in case of heinous crime. Culprits cannot be treated as respected persons in the name of involving them in social activities, but they must be assigned task. Despite positive aspects of the Criminal Code, its implementation matters a lot for proper evaluation.” The government had brought the Criminal Code last year.

Life imprisonment in six crimes
Those guilty of six crimes as killing with extreme torture and gruesomely, killing with plane hijacking and exploding plane, killing with abduction and hostage taking, killing with poisoning the drinks, genocide and rape will be sentenced to life in prison.

The terms of life imprisonment is extended to 25 years.
Moreover, those involved in the match fixing during the international sports will be taken as an act of treason. Five years’ imprisonment and Rs 50,000 fine is meted out against the players involved in the match fixing.

Anyone found spying against Nepal would be awarded 25 years’ imprisonment. If the President or the Vice-President is issued threat, the issuer would be handed seven years’ jail terms or the fine of Rs 70,000, or both.

Six month jail term or fine of Rs 5,000 or both will be handed to anyone found disrespecting the national luminary. Similarly, those disrespecting coat of arms or national flag will be imprisoned for three years or fined Rs 30,000 or both.

Some other new features in the Criminal Code include punishments to Chaaupadi supporters, making financial dealings during marriage, those using and supplying non standard materials in the construction, anyone taking picture without permission, those distorting photos.