Another rhino found dead; natural death of wildlife on rise


RATNANAGAR, Aug 17: An endangered one-horned rhino was found dead in a pool of water nearby a lake in the western belt of Chitwan National Park.

A patrol team mobilized from the CNP on Thursday found the old-aged rhino dead and the cause behind the death was presumed to be ageing according to a veterinary doctor involved in the post-mortem.

CNP Information Officer Nurendra Fuyal shared this is the first-ever natural death of rhino in the fiscal year. The CNP statistics shows that some 26 rhinos were dead last year because of several reasons. It may be noted that flood alone had swept away four rhinos leaving all dead last year.

The conservationists of the national park had expressed worry over the rise in the deaths of rhinos due to several reasons including fighting of late.

They have also stressed on the need to carry out research on the growing mortality rates of wildlife including tiger and rhinos.