Screening of cancer begins in Mahottari

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MAHOTTARI, Aug 18: The Binayatara Foundation has begun providing medical service for cancer patients in Ramgopalpur of Mahottari.

Cancer screening began here with the joining initiative of the Foundation based in the US, the Binayatara cancer trust Nepal and Ramgopalpur municipality. The Foundation aims to construct a highly-equipped cancer treatment center in few years.

The center is expected to put to an end for people in the east to go to Bharatpur or Kathmandu for treatment of cancer, chairperson of the Trust Dr Rakesh Shah said. It will be developed into a community hospital.

Out-patient department or OPD service has begun from the rented building and the trust will be constructing its own building soon. The municipality has donated 52 ropani of land for the purpose.

The foundation has targeted to complete the building and install necessary equipment within the next four years. It is expected to cost more than seven hundred million rupees for the project to come to completion.