Fifteen thousand transport employees jobless

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KATHMANDU, Aug 19: The Nepal Transport Workers Association has said that the decision of the government to dissolve transport associations and committee has laid off some 15,000 transport employees.

The 15,000 employees were working for the 400 committees active across the country and they have all lost their job as result of the government’s decision, the Association Chair Dharma Raj Bhandari said.

The meeting Saturday of the Association has also objected to the provision made in the new civil code, which has prescribed 10 years in prison to a driver who is responsible for accident leading to fatalities.

The meeting decision to run a nationwide campaign for a new structure as per the statute amended by the last general assembly, expand organization in new locations, enforce minimum wage in all transport workers, exert pressure for enforcement of the social security act and form thematic committee to assign responsibilities.

Bhandari also said the Association will work with the Nepal Trade Union Congress to ensure that the rights and well-being of the transport workers are guaranteed across the country. RSS