Valley folks to enjoy water supply five days a week


KATHMANDU, Aug 19: Water supply in Kathmandu valley has been increased by 30 million liters daily as of Saturday.

There will be more water coming to 70,000 water taps in the valley, the Kathmandu Valley Drinking Water Project Directorate has said.

Speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara inaugurated the additional supply of water to the drinking water distribution network of the valley.

On the occasion, he stressed that the government should ensure people’s right to safe drinking water, a fundamental rights established by the Constitution.

Drinking Water Minister Bina Magar said the service recipients will now be able to enjoy two hours of water supply five days a week. It was only two hours for once in a week before.

According to the project Director Tiresh Prasad Khatri, the added volume of water is expected to benefit 840,000 population in the valley every day.