Jajarkot people afflicted with transport disruption


JAJARKOT, Aug 20: The transportation has been disrupted along the Khalanga-Panchkatiya road after the landslide damaged it in various places. It is also full of potholes and mud in many places, adding woes to people.

The people from Kushe and Bareko municipalities have suffered much with the inconvenience for two months owing to the disruption of transport. They are forced to walk for at least one or two days to reach their destinations.

Those including traders travelling to Dolpa and Rukum through this way are also at the receiving end.

Despite mounting hassles, the concerned bodies as road department and Bheri municipality are indifferent to this.

With the disruption of transportation, the price of daily essential goods has sharply increased.

Dal Bahadur Budha from Ramidanda of Barkote-1 said, “We’re afflicted much, but no attention is paid by any side.”

Junichande rural municipality chief Krishna Bahadur Mahar also admitted that they were badly affected due to transport disruption.RSS