18 important bills under deliberations

Government policies and programs 2019/20

KATHMANDU, Aug 27: Al together 18 important bills-all related to the implementation of the fundamental rights enshrined by the constitution are currently under deliberations at various committees of the parliament.

The new constitution of Nepal 2015 should be implemented within three years of its promulgation and the endorsements of these bills are very vital towards that end.
According to the Federal Parliament bill section, the concerned committees have distributed the copies of the Bill to amend the Land Reform Act-2021, Bill to ensure compulsory and free of cost education, Bill related to right to employment to its members for study. Similarly, lawmakers are also studying the Bill related to protection of individual privacy, Bill related to Food and Food sovereignty, among others.

Likewise, lawmakers had discussed the Bill related to Right to Accomodation-2075 BS, Bill related to public health service and the Bill related to Payment and Clearance -2075 BS in the related committees.

Clause-wise discussions are underway regarding the Bill related to the safe motherhood and reproductive health right, 2075 BS and the Bill enacted to amend passport related laws, the Bills made to amend the Citizenship Act, 2063, and amend and unify consumer protection related laws.

Likewise, the bills that are under deliberations include the Bill related to pension fund, the Bill made to amend and unify insurance related laws, the National Medical Education Bill, 2075 BS and the Bill, 2075 BS related to auditing. The House of Representatives has already passed the Bill, 2075 BS made to amend the Public Security Act, 2043, while the Bill, 2075 BS made to amend Caste-based Discrimination and Untouchability (Offence and Punishment) Act, 2068 BS has been forwarded to lawmakers for a study.

Prior to this, the parliament endorsed the Bill related to the provisions for remunerations; and terms and conditions of service of general secretary of federal parliament, secretary of House of Representatives secretariat; and secretary of the National Assembly secretariat, the Bill related to the election of members of the National Assembly and the Bill enacted to implement the Nepal Government’s proposal related to fiscal arrangement. These bills have been already certified.

The Appropriation Bill, 2075 BS, the Bill to collect national debt and the bill related to loan and securities (22th amendment) had been passed by the parliament earlier and were already authenticated. RSS